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Colo Alonso

Industrial Designer + Wife + Mother




Hello Anne,

I have a question about my project. 

My new doubt is how do I know if a picture I have enough quality for printing in a printing house? 

My client already made 5 other calendars before and told me that it is not enough to use a picture and not to enlarge it, bc the printing house need more resolution than that.

Do you know how can I ensure this point?

my pictures are 3264 x 4928

and the measure of what I am going to print is 8 x 8 inches


Hello Anne,

I almost finished my project and I would like to do a pdf but i receive this mesagge. I really don't know what is...can you help me?

also I would like to know if I can send to the printer the original in a package or if it is better the pdf.



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