Calendar of Mental Health

Calendar of Mental Health - student project

Hey everyone! Hope all is well. My name is Nepanto and I am a graphic designer and illustrator. I'm in an eternal identity crisis and never able to choose one direction. Because of my nature I am interested in too many things, too many topics, too many styles. And on top of this, because of my professional background I am accustomed to adapting lots of different styles that best suit the job. So I am here to find an answer to my question: 'Nepanto, what is your style?!'. This project is overlapping with another Skillshare project, which is a 100-day project. I am in the final couple days of the 100 day project, and I have to say that I really do notice a difference from when I started in August 2020 and wrapping up now in January. So I guess you could say that my illustration style is kind of coming together a bit more already. 

Here on Skillshare I mostly focus on Illustration, but I missed my typography and my grids, so I decided to make my process a bit more graphic. I am super stoked and can't wait to see what will unfold.


My project reads from NEWEST to OLDEST :)




March 6th

Calendar of Mental Health - image 1 - student project

March 4thCalendar of Mental Health - image 2 - student project

February 24th

Calendar of Mental Health - image 3 - student project

February 16th

Calendar of Mental Health - image 4 - student project

February 8th

Calendar of Mental Health - image 5 - student project

Calendar of Mental Health - image 6 - student project

February 7th


Calendar of Mental Health - image 7 - student project

February 7th 2021 | My process is becoming a bit slower because I have some other obligations, but we still keep going! :) As long as I finish one drawing a week I am content.

Calendar of Mental Health - image 8 - student project

Below are some ideas for pages of the calendar. Still deciding whether or not do draw everything as opposed to using type. But it might become to busy.

Calendar of Mental Health - image 9 - student project

So I am making some changes here and there. It is still not perfectly coherent, but I am getting quite excited now. I am gravitating towards the style of the first and last image. Also with some calender design tests, I realized I liked the landscape format better than the square format. So after I finalize one alphabet, I may have to go back in and alter some illustrations.

Calendar of Mental Health - image 10 - student project


January 15th - Below you can see an earlier drawing, but edited in Riso-style. Now this is really close to the actual printing style. My method of before was just not the right way. Next thing: I want to create more consistency in the lettering. 

Calendar of Mental Health - image 11 - student project


January 14th - I don't know.... Doubt doubt doubt. With this technique I feel like I have to rethink my whole process. Argh! What do you prefer? The flat bold shapes, or the layered textured shapes? I started to identify with the flatness of my shapes I suppose, and this is something I have to get used to. I want to quit and do something else now, but I guess I would be doing the same as my girl in the drawing and self sabotage ;)

Calendar of Mental Health - image 12 - student project


January 13th - Holy Moly, this is a more or less imitation of what the riso printer would do (below). I just made a random 10 minute drawing so don't mind the colors or whatever but gosh this is fun, you guys. Can you imagine how cool this would look if I did this to all the drawings? I was initially planning on having them printed by an actual riso printer, and it would make no sense to mimic an effect that it will already get. But - it is an expensive printing technique, so even though nothing comes close to the real deal, if you are on a tight budget, this right here might be a close second!

Calendar of Mental Health - image 13 - student project


I am making a weekly calendar focusing on mental health. On the picture below you can see some A3 prints of the calendar tests. I am actually using them already, because I need lists and structure, otherwise my head will explode because of total anarchy and chaos. (Can you tell by the messy way I am presenting this process? haha) On the extra plus side, this way I can see what works and what doesn't.  


Calendar of Mental Health - image 14 - student project


Here are three of the drawings. See this is why I like Riso printing, that has the same umpf as RGB colors. To be honest - I haven't been faking the Riso Technique. I am not sure if I want to actually. I will try and see though. Next phase!


Calendar of Mental Health - image 15 - student project

Calendar of Mental Health - image 16 - student project



Calendar of Mental Health - image 17 - student project

  Calendar of Mental Health - image 18 - student project

 Self Evaluation

Calendar of Mental Health - image 19 - student project

 The Plan

As usual, I do not stick to every detail of a plan. I noticed that I came up with better ones during the course of this project, like 'Self Sabotage' or 'Social Media' or 'Working Out'. And then I just used those instead ;)

Calendar of Mental Health - image 20 - student project

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