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Calendar Conversions

My idea for a first App is simple. It is a calendar conversion routine in which you input any Gregorian date and it would give you the Hijri date (that is the Islamic lunar calendar), or vice versa. The lunar calendar is pretty regular, with 30 and 29 day months, 12 months a year. The only catch is that the leap years are not regular and there are 4 different calculation methods for them. All four methods converge every 33 years.

The calendar conversion would be based on astronomical calculation, not on locally observed sightings of the moon. Because of the differences in the leap year, any date may be off by one day. 

Anyway that should be fun to do as a first app.  Single screen, I think.


Single switch at the top to indicate direction of conversion.

An input date field below that.

A calculate button to do the conversion.

An output date field at the bottom to show the converted date.

Obviously the user interface will be tweaked as I get to writing this.

What are your thoughts?


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