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Penny Dougherty

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Calendar Challenge - Penny Dougherty

I've done a calendar from my Larkspur Collection: Spring Dance. I hope you like it!



Previous Project: Larkspur Collection






Third Focal Surface Pattern Design: Prickly Pear. This has been great! Tough but Great!

Pirate Shark Surface Pattern Design. I am running late with the workshop but I will get the Thrid Focal Print finished along with the collection for each Focal Print.


I've fallen behind but I'm not giving up. This is my Larkspur Focal Pattern. I love how the cream and blues are working togeather along with the shape relationships. And I was very suprised by some of the color variations that came to life! 

The Patterns below are color variations of the Original Larkspur Pattern.



I'm running a little behind but I wanted to show you all something of what I have been working on with the Larkspur Collection. I am loving this but there is a challenge to the techincal side of doing this. That's okay though. I'll get it!

Hi Everyone,

I'm Penny from Prescott, Arizona. I've decided to take Graphic Design in another direction and really want to be able to use my drawing skills. I love computer work so Surface Pattern Design seems like a perfect fit! I am really excited about this move and can't wait to see where this road takes me. It may not be the road less travelled but I figure if I do it my way, it will seem that way!

While I live in Arizona now, I grew up in California and Michigan so I know about sunshine and snow! My family is in Michigan, North Carolina and South Carolina. I visit them as often as I can. I love to fly and take photos of the clouds from inside the plane! My children are grown and have given me wonderful and beautiful Grand Children whom I wish I could visit more often. 

I love Nature, Art, Reading and my Family. And I thank the Lord, daily for all of them. Oh yes, and my favorite color is Sage!








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