Archana Bhadoria

Tirupati skill developing and fun



Calculations made easy and quick!

This is a class  to elaborate the vedic sutras from ancient Indian texts and utilize them for quick and easy calculations. The sutras are word formulas that can be conveniently used for various mathematical operations. They are 16 in number and supporting them are 13 upsutras. In this series of classes ,you will learn their application in the basic operations of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. 

Each video will show various tricks that can be used for simplifying the calculations and once you can simplify the numbers in the operations, you will do quick calculations.

This class is about learning tips and tricks to do any calculations, Using the tips and tricks shown in each lesson, you can calculate the answer very easily. With practice, you will do any calculation in seconds. A number of questions are posted  and then you are given a time slot to finish the practice questions.

A video is given after each lecture that shows how the questions can be done mentally.And a PDF document with practice questions is provided for students to practice the questions in a given time limit.


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