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I used this class as a starting point for some some album art and am only posting after I'm finished so I don't have all my progress pics - sorry!

I knew right away that I wanted to make a zodiak calender on the round which meant a pattern of 12. So, I cheated and printed myself out a basic guide like so


I printed this out and on tracing paper over it experimented with patterns and shapes



For reference I looked at a lot of classic art deco works but it was Alphonse Mucha who inpired me most (google him - you won't regret it) 


The elements started to come together so I drew the complete calender...


But when I started to play with my design in Illiustrator I found that I didn't like it as much when it was perfectly precise - it was to sterile - I wanted some of the warmth that was in the hand drawn work so instead of copying every design element twelve times I drew each one three times emphasising the subtle differences and copied that group of three elements four times - to get my total of twelve and a complete circle.


You'll notice I also added the moon cycle to the pattern - another cheat :P

Unfortunatly I don't have any progress pics between fine touching the pattern in Illiustrator and the completed project in phototshop. But essentially I drew up some quick Zodiak symbols from references online added both them and the pattern to photoshop on top of a few photos, played around with the masks/layer effects, added the typography, put some grunge and paper layers, to get...


Thanks for reading!



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