Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane - student project

      Tired of the same 5 mainstream songs looping endlessly until you think your head is going to explode? Is dancing to T-Swift just not doing it for you? Does Gotye make you feel just a little violent?Are you looking for something different? The Calamity Jane show is that something. We’re the premier late-night alternative, pop punk and punk rock internet radio show on !

On the Calamity Jane Show, we specialize in promoting local Bay Area bands and music venues because this is what you need to know. 

     The Bay Area is full of past and future music legends, and you deserve to hear some of the bands that not only brought the area alive back in the day but new sounds that are sure to restore your faith in today's music!  Journey with me and my random, quirky and just plain bizarre personality to discover the cutting edge of chaos- right here. 



Youtube (Band Interviews & Promotions):

Twitter: @calamityradio

-Viral Map-

1. Players

a. Independent Bands/Artists

b. Record Labels

c. Fans of Alternative, Pop Punk & Punk Music

d. Radio Stations

2. Selfish Reasons 

a. Bands and Artists will want to promote their music and social networking pages to their fans. By doing so, they would not only gain more recognition on a larger scale but potentially more fans. 

b. Record Labels are always searching for new bands, especially the bands that make an impact on the community around them. Constantly searching and listening for new potential bands to sign would gain the record company recogition and money. 

c. Fans of Alternative, Pop Punk & Punk Music will want to discover new music by both huge signed names and unsigned local bands in a friendly, more personal way. They will also be able to make choices such as making song requests, learning more about music and the latest local music news. 

d. Radio Stations will want to search through more local outlets to discover what music and bands are  popular in the Bay Area and potentially work with Calamity Jane to promote their own station or collaborate on a local music event together. 

3. Ways to Charge

 Sponsors can pay a flat fee to get 2 ads per hour promoting their business and gain further recognition. 

4.  Why are the players motivated? 

   After a rather solid fanbase is established, players will be motivated to purchase advertisement spots on the show to promote their business and extend their advertising to a younger demographic (Ages 16-35) fan base who listens to the show weekly. 

5. Channels for Invites 

6. Invite Mockup