Cakes VS Pies

Cakes VS Pies - student project

Cakes Vs Pies is lead generation via viral marketing for bakeries.
If you could only choose one dessert for the rest of your life would it be cakes or pies? Vote by ordering from a bakery near you!

The problem is that most small companies, in this case bakeries, don’t have the time or expertise to devote to marketing online. I want to create an interactive campaign that consumers enjoy participating in and with the spirit of competition will generate leads or even sales for businesses.

Why won’t it work?

  1. People don’t want to buy cakes and pies online.
  2. Bakeries might not be interested because there is no branding for the bakery.
  3. Consumers might not care enough to buy something in order to vote.
  4. Shipping is expensive and not everyone would want to drive for pick-up.

Potential Solutions:

  1. Vote in stores with proof of purchase (like uploading picture of reciept on CakesVSPies app) Also other merchandise will be available to promote this campaign such as t-shirts that indicate whether you’re a cake or pie person. The purchase of these can count for their vote and will advertise their local bakery.
  2. Give bakeries the ability to purchase cities or neighborhoods for exclusive rights to all orders in that area. The website for that area would be branded as a takeover.
  3. Users can tweet/share/pin to vote as well. However, votes without purchase are worth significantly less.
  4. Create a bakery delivery plan. (Think like Grubhub.) Or give consumers the option to have Taskrabbit delivery.

Action Plan:
Create a Facebook Page as a starting landing page for and promote to friends and family with light advertising.
My goal is 50 votes over a week. I’ll share/tweet the poll data daily.

Nina Pacifico

Director of Sponsorships at