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Jody Linn

Artist, conservator, cake provider, insomniac.



Cake Bits

I'm not in the cake business so much anymore but I still play with icing a lot. There are so many little shiny pieces of equipment to play with, it seemed like there was a lot of potential for a pattern. I painted the icons and, after playing with them on the tile, I kind of wished that I had painted a few more clusters of piped icing just for variety. It was a lot of fun though!


I started with the largest icons as suggested, the spatulas providedabit of a framework. I used the larger bags to fill up the biggest spacesand then started dropping in the smaller elements. The large files are showing up a lot colder in the browser than they do on my computer. The smaller, tiled picture seems more accurate..


I was susprised at how much I liked the fuschia version! Not so much the orange but, again, a little variety.


Thank you for the great class! Looking forward to the upcoming challenge ;D


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