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Cait Kühne

Junior Designer



Cait's Patterns

Hello! I tried to come up with varying oppositions and textures.

First up: Strong vs. Weak

Strong - I felt that the white and black in this pattern led it to be strong and sharp and visually exciting. I was inspired by some recent photographs of laser beams at a concert, which are strong enough to reach all depths of the audience.

Weak - I used a muted grey on white to achieve a weaker, more calm pattern. The sharp points at some of the diamond edges represent a brittle feeling, as if something is about to break. 

Second: Organic vs. Geometric

Organic - I came across an image of a feather, but wanted to curve it to create a more dynamic pattern. An "ombre" affect was achieved thru differing shades of grey.

Geometric - Beveled lines and diamonds make up this strong, geometric pattern. Originally all black, I thought it would be more interesting in shades of grey to further accentuate that beveled look.

Third: Fruit vs. Vegetable ( I wanted to create more patterns out of objects, not just shapes )

Fruit - I was heavily inspired by Christopher Dina's fruit illustrations, and I decided to use the pear for my first pattern. The cut down the center provided a good opportunity for contrast, and I loved that the left side was the full fruit, while the right side was an inside look at it.

Vegetable - After creating the fruit pattern, I chose one of my favorite vegetables (red pepper), and emulated Dina's illustration style.



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