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Cage the elephant

I'm Dasha from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Mostly I used to work without using my handwriting and drawing skills, because I know they are not perfect and also I think I was too afraid to make mistakes. Now I think it was a mistake to think so! And try to enjoy all my lines and forms, even if they are weird and not beautiful. 

I had no doubt which band to choose - frankly speaking during last time i'm a bit obsessed with these guys and Melophobia album.

So, Cage the elephant. As I told you I'm newby in this sort of projects - so I decided to make smth simple. Like an elephant. And somehow I decided to put names of songs inside.

Unfortunately I don't have a lighttable, so I used tracing paper. Using ink pen on it was uncomfortable (or maybe it was kinda special tracing paper), so I tried a marker and a really thin liner, which worked better.

 I decided to add some more mad lines, so wrote the name of the band with charcoal and also scanned it.

I was not too original picking the colours - just tried to use different sorts of orange from the album cover.Here are my attempts:

Finally I liked more this one:

But looks like I failed the task, because it's just 2-color poster.

I would be extremely happy to get any feedback, because this is my first experience of smth like that..

Cheers, Dasha


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