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Nichole Dinato

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Cafe Gratitude in San Diego

All of these pictures were taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 at Cafe Gratitude in San Diego.

I really liked the menu, table and napkins, so I tried to capture those with the pop of color from the "Brave" elixir. I really like the composition of this shot, but probably went a little overboard with the "pop" effect from my Google Photo editor.


The eggplant panini was visually stunning, so I tried to capture all the colors and ingredients, while showing that the sandwich was literally spilling over with deliciousness. I like this photo but I'm very sad about the messy smudge of sauce on the bottom of the picture. Otherwise, it'd be a great shot but that kinda ruins it. Something to keep in mind in the future!


The keylime pie was stunning in person, I couldn't quite get the colors to pop as much as I'd like, but I had fun getting Cafe Gratitude's slogan ("what are you grateful for?") in the shot, as well as the spoon that shows a reflection of my boyfriend if you look closely. The colors here could use work but I think the composition is cool. However, I wonder if the shot could've been framed a bit better - I struggled with getting in close to get all the details or backing up to get the edge of the plate in. I'd be interested in any thoughts you have on this!


This picture of the coconut ceviche tostada breaks my heart - on one hand, I love the framing. I think it makes the tostada look luscious and indulgent, which it was. But the focus is a bit off - the focus seems to be on a very small spot on the tostada, making most of it look fuzzy. I still sort of like it, but definitely wish I had realized the focus was off in this shot so I could've corrected it. Taught me to check my shots more carefully before moving on. I think this was because I was trying to shoot too close to the food with my phone.



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