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Cafe Creatures (C.Creatures)

Hi all, 

I'm based in Jakarta, Indonesia and have been pondering about leaving the busy city life behind to start a simple cafe joint in Bali. 

I want to start small, but eventually in the long run i want to grow a business that means something and will have an impact for communities - Whether it be a meeting ground for community workshops to share and exchange knowledge, or create some kind of shared value chain with those who supply ingredients for my products. 

So, here's all about my shizz bizz...

My biz is: A cafe in Bali

It sells: Bloody good coffee; and homemade sandwiches and desserts

To: 18-35 yr old local and foreign tourists, SES A-B

I do this because: I love seeing people get together, enjoying each other's company, exchange ideas; and i want to provide a space for those kinds of interactions. 

It benefits others by: Giving them a relaxing place to socialise with good company, around a good cuppa, and enjoying the simple things in life

The best companies that sell a similar service or product are:

Monolog - Cafe/Bistro, good coffee, excellent food (european and fusion)

Anomali - Cafe, 100% indonesian coffee, weak on the food quality (but makes up for it in hgh quality coffee)

Café Barbera - Cafe, good service, excellent coffee

What are they doing that's so special - 

Monolog's cafe is set in an upscale mall, specifically targeting jakarta's young and want-to-be-seen crowd, yet it also accomodates those who are they for casually meeting up with friends. The coffee is excellent, and the place is known for its all day breakfasts. It accomodates many people's tastes, whether wanting european style food, or fusion with asian flavours. The design on the place is inviting, and unpretentious. One can sit there for hours with friends, it's a place where you feel ok sitting there for awhile. 

Anomali is good to bring your laptop and catch up on work. Its cafes are cosy and inviting. You can choose want kind of coffee beans you want, which are all sourced from across Indonesia. It's competitor is starbucks, but unlike starbucks it relies on customers who appreciate indonesian coffee and want to support local products. 

Cafe Barbera is situated in a mall popular with expats and an older crowd and families. The coffee is served italian style, and some coffee beverages can't be found in other cafes in Jakarta. Their popular food is pizza, but not a place you would sit for dinner (more like finger food). Its a place to spend an afternoon with your famliy or partner. 

The Best Co's that solve a similar problem are:

Starbucks, Monolog, Anomali

What are they doing that's so special - 

Starbucks already has a strong brand equity, they provide wifi, people go there to work on something, have meetings or socialise with friends. They provide friendly service. 

Monolog - They provide good coffee and other beverages. Quality is consistent.

Anomali - Very cosy atmosphere, prices are similar to starbucks. 

Best customer Service/Whats so special - 

Cafe in Sinagpore (forgot name) - Very frienly and casual waiters, they are very attentive, and clear your plates/mugs when you're done, is there when you need to take an order. 

Starbucks - they are very casual and they seem to know what they are doing, so you feel confident your order is done properly (even tho quality wise, else where is better)

Best Co's that reach target audience/whats so special - 

7/11 - They set up a cheaper alternative to a cafe for students and those who can't afford. Set up seating areas and hot food next to instant coffee machines as well as beers. Being 24/7, they prepare for all kinds of quick grab and go food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and after hours) as well as a place to sit with friends. They target mass market, and are present near residential and student areas. 


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