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Cafe Champs-Elysées

I'm pretty new to illustration, having tried briefly to have a play before and falling at the pen tool hurdle, I thought I would take a course to learn the fundamentals. It's been incredibly enjoyable so far. It's crazy how the time flies when you're in the moment.

I started with an evocative 20s' Paris design

And made the basic shapes:

The colours are placeholders at the moment.

The cup was easy using shapes. I struggled to correct any anchor points with the pen tool on the dress so that's defintiely something I need to practise.

The eiffle tower was the trickest. I ended up deciding to make it one shape rather than lots of little fiddly bits. I drew the left half with the pen tool (a bit too intricate to make it with shapes), duplicated and mirrored it to draw the right half. That way I knew they'd be perfectly even.

The smoke was easy - it was a simple brush tool effect and I reduced the opacity. I'll be interested to see if there are cleverer ways of doing that.

THe gradient effect in the background is just a rectangle shape with an adjusted gradient. I put it in as a colour placeholder to make this look pretty but I'd like to try and draw the blurry star effect somehow from the original. I started trying to include the light at the bottom of the piece but decided to watch the other videos first as I might be missing a trick.

I'm really happy so far and looking forward to the next stage.

**Edit - phase 2**

I've been playing around with the difficult stuff, getting some textures and things in there. The biggest change is that I kind of cheated and I cut out a photo of the Eiffle Tower in Photoshop, added some blurs and things in there, then placed it in my illustrator file. It's bad 

And I've put a subtle grunge texture on too - which I think gives it that scratchy feel like in the original poster. Any feedback is welcome on whether I could have done this differently!

It's still a work in progress, now I've finished the video lectures, but I'm looking forward to carrying on with the more detailed parts.


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