Cafe Berrí

Cafe Berrí - student project

Cafe Berrí is a sinfully delicious Raspberry and Coffee Liqueur. It is bursting with flavor, a delectable twist of smooth dark-roasted espresso, combined with a handful of freshly picked ripe red raspberries. 

Cafe Berrí - image 1 - student project

As for my colors, I decided to go for deep chocolates, reminiscent of coffee, and a mixture of bright pinks/reds and a burgundy to signify the raspberries in my liqueur. For this brand, I really want a vintage feel with the typography, combined with modern accents, an interesting bottle shape, and even some hand-done elements. 

Below, I included a couple pages of preliminary sketches and basically my thought process on the whole project--everything from logo ideas to monograms and trying to flesh it all out, for the most part.

Cafe Berrí - image 2 - student project

Cafe Berrí - image 3 - student project

I took those ideas and translated them into six label designs, and then chose the best three to show.

Cafe Berrí - image 4 - student projectCafe Berrí - image 5 - student project

Cafe Berrí - image 6 - student project

And now I'm currently deciding which layout/design I should continue with in the computer. What I'm probably going to wind up doing is taking bits and pieces from each one, because I think they all have nice components that could work really well together.

*Side Note: I am well-aware I spelled raspberry wrong in the label sketches...I must've been even more tired than I thought! Oops!


1.5.14 Update: So now what I've done is combine the couple of elements I liked, from my sketch, and put them all in one document.

Cafe Berrí - image 7 - student project

Then I started vectorizing and adding color! I still edited the design to make everything flow nicely. I'm going to continue customizing my type and then put it on a mock-up of a bottle, and voilà!

Cafe Berrí - image 8 - student project

Looking at the design, I need to work on the thicks and thins of 'Cafe.' Once I do that, I think the design will be pulled together the way I originally intended.


Alright, so I still have to fix up the word 'Cafe.' I'll probably wind up redrawing the whole thing. But, aside from that, all I have to do is add the logo on the neck of the bottle and it's done! So here's just to show you a WIP of what it would look like on the actual bottle.

Cafe Berrí - image 9 - student project

Emily Acanfora
Web and Advertising Designer