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Daniel Plavečky

Hand lettering & Custom chalk typography



Café Oko Coffee Menu

For a café where i work i was asked to create a coffee menu for customers  to get better idea of what they are ordering when they say "One coffee please" and we ask them which coffee would they like.

It is supposed to include schema of what is in different types of coffee we are able to prepare, for example that Caffe latte is a dose of coffee, load of milk and some milk foam. Pictures are not supposed to be too realistic, it is more about to be really a schema, but i want to differ from other such menus i can find in other cafés around Prague, where i live, where these pictures are usually really just simple schemas with no artistic intentions. 

Each coffee then has a different style of type. For the first sight it might look a little confusing, but at the second, the meaning of it is that each style of coffee differs. It also follows the style of a cocktails menu i did for the bar before. Last but not least, the boss (customer in this case) likes the style and wants me to continue in it.

I want to scan and vectorise it all to be able to create or change menu at any time and not redrawing the whole thing when we decide to discontinue corretto for example.

All in all it is a great typography and illustration school for me, i can do basically whatever i want and test it on my fellow friends and the public that comes for a coffee at the same time.

I scan the sketch. (I know that cappuccino is actually with double c! :) I can fix this later :D )

More scanned coffee icons and types of types that will be included in the menu.

8th October 2013 / Sharing some more progress: these down here are already vectors so i can play with it anyhow i wish - love it! Can't wait for next steps :)

13th October 2013 / Almost finished! Just few things to add and it's ready to go to be printed and exposed. I'd love to hear/read any suggestions or opinions from anyone interested, it always helps a lot to get some feedback - thanks!

28th October 2013 / Work is finished now and already in action on our bar. I am satisfied with it but still i can see few things i want to change to feel really good about it: i need to add few details in lettering or information, maybe scale up the price boxes and legend cubes; also i feel it do not feel well together the hand-written lettering and hand-drawn illustrations with white paper sealed in plastic... 

I want to print it on maybe hand-crafted paper? I need to find good material to look fine and fit with the designs and to be durable too to survive sometimes wild nights on the bar table.

Final version in JPEG

and used in action

Next step is to screenprint some of the designs on aprons or thirt.

13th November 2013 / I was still not completely satisfied with the look of the menu so i tried to redesign it (a little), give it some more natural, frendlier feel, maybe that pink colour could do so :) 
Opinions welcome, work still in progress :) Thanks

I still want to keep it on one or max. two colours to keep the expenses low, trying to find some durable paper to print it on. Soon the pictures of some outcomes. #excited yay

27th November 2013 / I have printed the menu on a barlife-proof paper called nevertear and we are already testing it in our café for a week. So far it is working very well and it is appreciated a lot! :)

Thanks everyone for the likes and feedback, i consider this project finished (for now, at least). Super extra thanks goes to Sean McCabe and his job of sharing his passion for lettering the way he do so, 

You can see this project now on Behance too,

Cheerios, sincerely 
Dan Plavečky


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