Cacti Dream Garden

Cacti Dream Garden - student project

I loved this class! I was inspired to make my own painting using images I captured of cacti and succulents in my neighborhood. Below are images of the inspiration (#cactigoals), and three images of my work in process. This was so much fun, I plan on repeating it. I also bought Sara's book for guidance on illustrating other plants, fish, landscapes, etc. If you like this course, I recommend her book as well! 

Cacti Dream Garden - image 1 - student project


Cacti Dream Garden - image 2 - student project

Stage 1: laying the foundation:

Cacti Dream Garden - image 3 - student project

Stage 2: filling in the background:

Cacti Dream Garden - image 4 - student project

Stage 3: finishing details:

Cacti Dream Garden - image 5 - student project

Beyond this class I have had a lot of fun combining watercolor and gouache in other sketchbook paintings, something I never would have considered in the past! Thank you Sara!