CacheJewelry - student project

CacheJewelry - image 1 - student projectCacheJewelry - image 2 - student projectCacheJewelry will offer bangle bracelets. These products include bangle bracelets that conceal a rubber hair elastic and paper money.

1. Conceal a rubber hair elastic within (underside) a bangle bracelet. Think about all the people you see walking around daily with rubber hair elastics around their wrists, not only are they ugly but they leave an imprint in the skin. I know this as I have long hair and have worn one around my wrist for years!

2. Conceal paper money within (underside) a bangle bracelet. I can't tell you how many times I'm out with my boyfriend dancing and I need him to hand me MY money to go get a drink at the bar. This bracelet has a money clip built into the underside to store money.