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"Cachaça" Label - Traditional Brazilian Drink

I am not a designer, I´m just a fan of Contino´s work.

So I decided to take the class and help my uncle with a new label for his homemade cachaça, a popular and traditional brazilian alcholic drink, made with the sugar cane. It is the base for caipirinha, our most popular drink.

As far as I know, labels for cachaça are pretty much the same - see some examples I uploaded. Printed in simple letterpress for decades, then in strong colors in cheap off-set when possible. In almost all of them you can see the sugar cane and the farm where the drink is made - or used to be. This is boring and very comon.

Don´t know how to make it different - I am not a designer!

My idea is to draw my family´s house in Monte Verde, the city where the drink is produced, and add some simple elements to distinguish the label from the ones you can see below.

On my fisrt sketch the same mistake, the sugar cane is seen there! Will delete that in the next steps.

What I want is to transmit the idea of Monte Verde as a beautiful country city and it´s wonderful landscape.

As I am not an artist, that will be quite a challenge. And lots of fun, I hope.

Congrats to everyone with yor beautiful projects. I am already learning a lot with you.


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