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Regie Bariuan

Lettering Artist and Designer



Cables & Space

I chose lines from a song of one of our local bands here in the Philippines called Cables & Space. The title of the song is Miles and the lines are, "How I wish I could touch your face. I just close my eyes and count the days.". I'm aiming for a design that could standout as a poster and at the same time would look good on a shirt. I want it to have a futuristic and outerspace kind of feel. I want it to be all text where I just play around with the arrangement of the letters.

So for my mood board I searched for the space themed posters. I checked out Star Wars and Star Trek for references and tried out their typeface during sketching.






Here's how I picture the overall layout of the design.


I chose the title of the song Miles and did quick sketches to try out different styles because this will be prominent in the overall design.


I also did a sketch for cables&space. I used little circles to form out the letters.


Then I just did a rough sketch of the thumbnails. Its not that detailed yet as I usually do that when I'm already sketching. But doing this already gives me an idea of the overall look of the design using different styles.


Then once I decide on the style, I go on and do the sketch. This is where I spend a lot of time as I'm thinking of the design, layout and spacing of the letters. I'm trying to fit the words as I sketch so I have a lot of erasures during this time. Also since I'm just starting out, I used my moleskine instead of a sheet of paper as I want to collect my work there. So here's my sketch.


This is close to the final layout and I just use a darker pencil to see the details. I need to buy a darker pencil than this.


Now for the inking process. Since I did this in my moleskine, I just have to ink over my pencil sketch. I do this twice. The first one is for the outline and then I erase the pencil sketch. The second is the final one. So here's the final result of my project. There are some spacing mistakes but I'll just edit that when I digitize it. I'm pleased with the overall look of the design.



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