Shoam Thomas

Stay classic!



Cabin Envy display font

I'm big fan of sign painter type. I ran into this incredible type painted on a window in a ghost town in Colorado and thought with it's subtle calligraphic bits, mixed capitals with small caps, and funky details, it would be awesome to expand into a full font face. I also dig cabins anyways so figured this would be a fun font to learn Glyphs with!


Check out the sharp end points on the lower part of the C and N. And what-the-heck is going on with that lower-case r? So wrong but so right!


My initial sketch inspired by the window sign. Still thinking through the way the A starts from the top (I really want the face to feel hand-done so maybe I'll have some alternatives for different letters). I'm also thinking that I'd like the face to some surprises between letters with it still being consistent. I know, tall order but I'll give it a try!

I'm working in Glyphs right now and will share my progress shortly. And thanks Kyle for the excellent class — it's been really awesome so far!


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