Greetings Class! First of all I would really like to thank Jonas - our beautiful master - for the whole effort He put into making it happen. It's one of the best improvement opportunities I have ever had. Not only from the technical point of view, but also all that 'insight' which goes with Jonas' life experience. I have just finished my careful walk through all presented steps. Going to upload a series of images, so You can see how this pretty random idea forms in my process. I would really love to get any suggestions and ideas on how You feel about my work guys. Be well, and see You round (inside this virtual space). ;) 

Everything started from this photo of a cabbage. Took around the Christmas time, in my familly house. It turned into one of the traditional Polish dishes just after :) I have already had that whole idea of turning this one into some large, fantasy structure back then. It just popped inside my mind while I was passing by this 'everyday-object', with the abillity to get lower in perspective.

And one of my mood references. I didn't use it quite well eventually.

And I went for some more Google search for cabbage-like plants and sunset examples. And now some less talk - more step by step with the actual picture:

1) Thumbnails;

2) Sketching turns into speedpaint with structured layers;

3) Refreshing the composition and foreground detailing;

4) Right focal point detailing and adds;

5) Little bits of De Ro Student Witchcraft;

6) The final result;


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