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12 Nov.// I choose the phrase "Hui no tinc cap dubte, hui t'estime encara més" that means "today I do not have any doubt, today I love you even more" wich is a line of a lyric refering to Cabanyal, a district in Valencia wich is on alert to be destroyed.

13 Nov.// My first lettering! I'm going to take few days practising.


15 Nov.// First steps...

Progress: I started to develop the concept going through the doors architecture of Cabanyal. Then, I saved the space below "the seashore" wich is really important and is in front of the Cabanyal houses.

This makes me think about to incluide 3 scales at the same drawing. They are: The beach or seashore, the door and the sun (at the top), really representative in the mediterranean weather.

So, I was not sure about how to include the door in the composition but the sun was the key! And has given me the idea to include the sun clock. ¿What do you think?


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