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Robert Newport

Doctor Robert's Fine Art Studio, Los Angeles






Act 2. Struggle

Scene:  I had been looking at the screen in that damn monitor for over an hour, when Flora called a break. I swear she has also broken a sweat.

She looked at me funny. “When are you going to wake up?” she asked.

I blinked my eyes and shook my head. I was frozen, tongue-tied.  She had asked so matter of factly I thought I knew what she meant, but when I tried to answer the question I realized I had no idea what she meant. 

She sighed, wiped her brow and picked up the tablet.

“Wait a minute”, I replied, “Can’t we get a real break? I have to use the bathroom”.

She relaxed a bit. “I’m sorry. You are so close to getting it, but you’re right, learning theory supports regular breaks.

“I’ll be back in a minute and I left for the john. As I rounded a corner in the hall I overheard Ralph and Laura through an open office door. I shouldn’t have, but I did pause to listen. Ralph was outlining security procedures to Laura and I was somewhat shaken by the, what seemed to me to be the militaristic garb that was clothing the lab. An entire Nanobot army was employed, the bots being generated in the facility’s own computer driven lab.

I heard Dr. Reeves say he had been on the development committee of DARPA and had access to the latest software they had developed to pursue military objectives. "What we were stocking up on, Laura, are known as pacifying bots.  Once in a body they go straight through the blood brain barrier and began multiplying and reproducing millions of copies. They  are active seekers of glutamate molecules, the brains most dominant excitatory neurotransmitter and by a simplistic attachment protocol they change it into GABA,  a calming neurotransmitter. Infected troops, or protesting citizens will become docile, and canbe reasoned with rather than killed.

Dr. Falcott asked about their delivery systems, and whether or not the heavy construction nioses on the roof, had anything to do with it. 

Ralph replied: "The cannisters of billions of bots have to be launched by  very low tech anti-tank bazooka like weapons, ergo the noises up there. A small price to pay for such a nice weapon. They  enter a biological system through the air, or skin, or water, or just about any route in physical reality. The effect does not wear off, but, it won't impair learning either, so that the hostile acting out victim can be removed from the field and re-educated into rational and emotionally mature person who would not, could not, choose violence in pursuing their aims. 

Would it be effective against live lead bullets and rockets?  I wondered. Well, that would remain to be seen, but I was impressed that Alcor had decided on a completely non-violent approach in the face of such irrational hostility. “Ralph, Laura, I couldn’t help but overhear. You really think we are going to be safe, with no real way to shoot back?

“You don’t know the whole of it yet, said Ralph. “We’ve covered the entire facility with an impervious nano-graphene coating. It won’t burn, It won’t allow projectiles of any size, or traveling at any speed through. Drop a bunker-busting nuke on our roof and the explosion will consumed by the coating, every bit of that energy swallowed up into the graphene. Yes, we are safe, now get back to your testing, you are not needed here”.

 I wasn’t used to his abrupt tone so I backed off quickly and found the john. When I got back to the lab, Flora was sitting with her head in her hands.

She looked up quickly, “You startled me, she said. “I was thinking about your performance on these tests and damn, you can do better. You seem to be semi-asleep. Where is your attention?

I flushed in shame. “I don’t know. I can’t seem to focus on the questions. Something is bothering me and I get distracted.

“Can you tell me what that is about? she asked.

I walked slowly to the heavily draped window, turned and faced her. “I have so many feelings, they are getting stuck in my throat and I feel embarrassed that I can’t look you in the eye and give you the answers you want”.

“I don’t want any particular answer” she said. I want your complete attention on the test. You need your emotions to help you focus, not distract you. This is not a test of right or wrong answers, this is a brain flexibility exercise. Practice. Practice and more practice is all that is required”.

I should have known that, I thought, then remembered to dismiss that as self-judgmental thinking. Not helpful, is what Flora had been trying to get across to me. I took a deep breath and said, “Thanks Flora, I know that you are trying to help, and I do think I am getting a little better.

“More than a little” she quickly replied giving me a very warm smile in the process.


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