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CV Revamp

Jan. 20th, 2017 Update.

Hey Anne! I finally got some time after the holidays to follow your recommendations and come up with a new draft. Didn't think it was possible to reduce all that info into one page, but here it is after much editing! 

---> link to high quality pdf

Now, I know that you suggested replacing the circle graphs with bar ones, but I got a bit attached to them and wasn't ready to let them go without trying a few variations. In this ones, I tried giving the circles alternating tones of grey and more space in between to make them a bit easier on the eyes. Does that work? If not, I might be ready to try a more simple version.

Thank you!!



Jan. 2017 Update

I went back to this wonderful class after a year and a half to update my CV for a grad school application, so any kind of feedback is very much appreciated. I'd particularly like some feedback on the graphics at the bottom of  the third page, they seem a bit stereotypical to me, but I wanted something to break up the monotony of the text. 

Thank you once more, Anne, for all the wonderful info and advice. 





This has been such a wondeful excercise! Great tips, definitely learning lots through it. 

This is what my résumé used to look like:


This is my latest draft based on some of these résumé examples:



Now here's what I could use some help with:

I can't help feeling like my latest draft looks too much like the examples I based it off of. I am very new to design, so I am not still sure where the line between inspiration and plagearism lies. I tried doing variations with the fonts and arrangements, is that enough?

Secondly, I spent hours trying to get the dates and the organization titles to align because the increments of the 'Space Before' and 'Space After' tools are massive on my version of Indesign. Is there a good way to adjust those? I unsuccessfully messed with Preferences> Units & Increments hoping to adjust that, but eventually gave up and entered the values manually.... 

I'd appreciate your help and any feedback is welcome!


Aug. 17th, 2015 update

Here's the new draft after adding Anne's suggestions: 




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