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My business model in ten sentences or less.


Buy Kolbe indexes from via Kolbe certified consultants at wholesale. Hire them to analyse and interpret individual and team talent on NZ Dairy Farms. Add value and adapt for the NZ dairy farmer and their employees using my knowledge and experience of the industry and this type of customer. Sell the service and products for more than they cost. Measure people and cow productivity. Tell a good story. Repeat, improve and sell to more customers. Make new products along the way like books, videos, CD’s, programs, workbooks, action figures to add to the menu of solutions for them. Team up with other dairy industry productivity specialists when speaking at events.

The assets I have include twenty years experience on NZ dairy farms solving animal health problems, over ten years selling and leading with Mary Kay Cosmetics, marketing with InfusionSoft and a brief stint with Kolbe Specialist Certification. I will accquire intellectual property from in the form of Indices and supporting material.

I will hire certified Kolbe Consultants, InfusionSoft consultants ( for business systems) and partner with Dairy NZ initially with a pilot project. My contribution will be as a bridge between Kolbe Certified Consultants and the customer and also in new product development.

These are my customers..husband and wife NZ dairy farmers and their employees. Also larger dairy farm teams involved in caring for herds of thousand's of cows.The ultimate customer(s) are the cows themselves in a way as they will be benefitting from the improvements made in human creative problem solving.

My customers will get more job satisfaction, better mental health, greater efficiency personally and in teams. Their unique talents will be affirmed .The cow 'customers' will get better care themselves and a longer productive life on farm. Education on creative problem solving and personalised coaching will be an integral part of customer service.New products will be developed to sell to them.

The hard part

There is nothing like it, they think they don’t need it, some won’t want to take the risk on something unproven. We are dealing with an intangible ..hard to see but possible to demonstrate, they may think it’s just another personality quiz like Myers Briggs. They may not see the potential or opportunity to improve farm productivity through affirming people talent.They may get defensive. Basically all the hard bits of being a pioneer..first to do it (I think!?)

Other hard bits are what to charge and boot strapping the idea.

The unique part of it is in the use of Kolbe Conation indexes to measure people and teams natural talents and adapting these products for use on NZ dairy farms to improve cow health.

I'm going to repeat the process by asking for testimonials from delighted customers who have experienced great value. Promote the great results at farm discussion groups, annual conferences and dairywomen networking events.Ask for referrals.

Who am I ?

For this business I am an entrepreneur. building equity.

The cashflow will come from more than one revenue stream. The business model will be copied from other successful educational companies eg Ali Brown, Samantha Bennett (Organised Artist), Dorien Forster, Lesley Baigent. They sell free stuff eg audio downloads, e-books but also charge for membership, programs, workbooks, speaking events with other associates etc. Ephemeralisation persisting until it works and then leveraging that success with books, CD's etc.

My strength is in finding new business, promoting, educating., speaking and creating new products. I have a time management mentor Robyn Pearce who gan advise me on how to go about hiring and delegating the work that I shouldn't be doing.

I will build in automation using InfusionSoft. This software will also enable me to segment customers, find out more about them and suggest products that will fit their needs.

This my version of Robert Kyosaki's B/I triangle. The basis of my "B" business model. The three sides are leadership, mission and team. The steps are cashflow, communication, systems, legal and product. The three points stand for the three parts of the mind...head (IQ) , heart (emotion) and feet (doing ..or conation). And the colours represent the four action modes of the Kolbe system. Green for Quick Start, Blue for Follow Thru, Red for Fact Finder and yellow(which has faded)for Implementor.



Yes because I don’t have a lot! I have time, energy and vision and passion and an idea and a gut feeling that it might just work.



Yes I need money to get it going quick start it prove that it works..success and then tell stories and make more assets to sell. Create more products to sell to my customers.



Initially the main assets the money will go towards paying for will be the Kolbe indices. The system of measuring…the main tool…like a thermometer or stethoscope. New products will be developed specifically for the dairy industry  eg. creative problem solving home study kits in tangible and maybe an ‘app form’ These will be assets also. Other money will go towards the producing and marketing of these products for sale.



Investors will receive a royalty on each new product eg.home study kit sold. So if they invested $20000 and received a 5% royalty on each kit sold and we sold 50 on average each year it would take….

 50 * 175 =8750 or about 3 years to get their money back. If sales reached 100 then their annual cash on cash return would be 17500/20000=87.5%



Long term yes



Heck I have no idea ..somewhere between 1 and 5 million?



Make the kits for $500 and sell for $3500 so gross margin is …. $3000/$3500 *100% = 85.7



Gosh maybe 3-5 years?



Because I’m trustworthy, my skill set, the story I will tell, the need to leverage stuff in this more with the same or less, there is nothing similar. Lots of consultants, but no educational companies using Kolbe. There is something in it for them


Who first?

Great question. Initially I thought it would be a Kolbe Certified Consultant but it's a little like the chicken and the egg. To attract the funding and to create cashflow to help pay for these specialists I need to create a product or products to sell to my customers. A percentage of the royalties can then go to the funder(s). Products like an e-book or a CD which are cheap to make and easy to distribute.

So the first employee could be someone to help me put together the e-book or website or CD and create the marketing system.

I'll find them online and offline. In NZ and overseas.

They'll join me because they will be intrigued by the story behind the products and want to be part of pushing new boundaries. They see the potential.

I can tell the good from the convenient by asking for testimonials and showing me results of their work. They will be leaders in their chosen fields.

My sales funnel or megaphone will be a small group of delighted dairy farmer customers who will spread the word about my product(s). I could give them a free audio CD to give to three of their friends.The magnet on my website could be a free CD or report ..something of value to them. Backed by a blog perhaps or tweets.

Before I hire them I will brainstorm a list of specific tasks that I want them to do. I'll get clear on this first and the end results. It will be up to them to come up with ways to do it.I'll evaluate their work on quality, timing, extra unasked for creative finishing touches and how close the outcome is compared to what I want. All tied to customer needs and feedback.

I think it's important to give the first formal review one month after starting. They can then be spread out in time.

My approach to talking about the uncomfortable will be that any problems or challenges are ours to solve not theirs ( unless of course they have really stepped out of line). Knowing their MO via Kolbe will help discussions to be more objective and to give us a new language to use.

I'm doing a bit of assuming here but I think this work with natural talent and conation has not been sold to dairy farmers before. And specifically with dairy cows as the end customer in mind. We will therefore be exploring the edges of a new universe .


This took a while but here it is for better or worse CROOGEE!! All registered with Hover ..I may do two more just for fun


THINGS THEY WILL DO IN THE LONG AND SHORT RUN – Imagine I have all the money in the world!


 Connect with people I know

Communicate with dairy farmers

Do the adaptations and help with Kolbe Interpretations

Think up ideas for products

Do simple prototypes and/or models

Promote to funders eg Dairy NZ

Promote to dairy farmers

Bridge Donna and John

Write simple content

Create a business model to provide income

51% equity

Start 40%


Do the interpretations

Provide the Kolbe tools eg Kolbe A,B,C

Help with the process ( the plan )

Add detail, to resource to funders and customers

Provide strategies

Ongoing customer service after project completion

Up to 20% equity

5% per month or 6 weeks as tasks completed

Plus cost of indexes and materials

Ongoing fees from coaching yours


Do a budget

Help with filling out the application for funding

Work with me on the Kolbe “C” index

Up to 20% equity

5% per month or 6 weeks as tasks completed


Help me with the writing of blogs,  e-books and veterinary specialist articles



Help me create new products, audio CD’s, You tube videos, prototypes, workbooks, in a milk carton!



Help with automation, scaling, marketing, customer segmenting, website

Build on what I have already done with MK cosmetics. Ali B , Samantha Bennett’s business model



Take before and after animal measurements

Help with project design







Hierachy of Decisions

Organization Chart


How will decisions get made?


Seth’s book the thrashing at the start then ship on time

The best tool to use to do this

Timing of the funding , the cashflow


Billing and good credit

April 1st start date?

Understand and control cashflow and pricing

Answer these questions, in writing!

  • How much is your product or service going to cost?

I will have more than one product because there will be more than one customer segment to satisfy. Let’s say three customer segments and three phases

Phase 1 ..bootstrap!

The free product will be very cheap to produce. It will cost very little. Eg. a free ‘how to’ you tube video or an e-book or CD or downloadable report. Just enough to signal how extraordinary it is compared to anything else on the market and to pique the interest of those who want more and are willing to pay for it.

I could start writing a blog which will help with the writing of the e-book or even a small proper book and get me into the discipline of writing something everyday. ( or most days)

This lego model of a racing car shows the four cylinders or Kolbe Action Modes that drive us to achieve our goals. The power we all have within us.

Phase 2

The next product set will cost $350 and will appeal to the small dairy farmer customer with say 3-5 in their team ( including themselves). It will contain the above plus a Kolbe A voucher , A/V content and a basic educational creative problem solving kit. A translation Kolbe book. Job descriptions examples, for Kolbe C , different ways to do them depending on your Kolbe A

The  highest value product/home study kit will cost $3500 and will involve Kolbe Indexes and analysis. With teamwork animal health problems and/or productivity opportunities are solved more quickly and with far less people stress than before. Cow nutrition and cow reproduction are maximized. Milk is harvested efficiently. And done in an environmentally sustainable way. Team members are affirmed and their strengths recognized. This will appeal to dairy farmers with large farms or multiple farms with teams of 10 or more and to the corporate customers eg Maori Trust farms, LandCorp, Synlait farms etc ( it’s the company’s money that they are spending not their own! )

o.k let’s say    $350


  • How much does it cost you to make one additional unit?

Phase 1 :The units ..say a you-tube video. Let’s say $200 Need a movie camera, time, some cows, a dairy farmer , me , what do Youtube charge? How does the advertising thing work? Other associated businesses could advertise on my videos and pay me or pay Youtube? What would we video ..animals, people and teams of people in the field, solving problems, or making improvements, doing what they do best , interacting and having fun in the doing.

An e-book ..I would need to buy adobe acrobat which costs? …..just a one up cost

Someone to help with the writing, the technology side of it. Setting up a blog , a website etc. Or would an audio CD be better ( more my style of communication!!! ) Do both.It will be a best selling book because it’s easy to read and understand. Also I’ve taken a complex subject and simplified it.

How do you make much are the CD’s, how do you do the downloading part to cut down costs of recording etc. Robyn Pearce.

I could do “B” to “B” selling….eg. to Maori Farm Trusts..there are some operating close to me. Using tools and products made by other businesses…my vendors who could pay upfront.


Let’s just stick with one thing otherwise it gets too confusing! Cheap things to do that are easy to scale and share via the internet are …downloadable audio files, a website ( check out Seth’s how to ..basically pinch a business model and features you like from other peoples websites ..put them onto powerpoint or the apple alternative.) , a blog , an e-book, you tube ‘how to’ videos. Creating a community or hub would be a good thing so that ideas and information can be shared and the whole community benefits. What would I be launching? An e-book or a little real book written by me with the help of others. Customers providing the funding, the time the energy and the insights.A local e-book but easily transferable and sellable to other parts of NZ ..maybe except for large herds but that could be the next one! Although these are the customers that are most likely to pay premium $$$ though!

My strength and passion is animal and people financial physical and mental health ..individual and team/herd. The health wealth and happiness Robert and Kim Kyosaki.  

Opportunities or problems could be specific to cows eg. mastitis, nutrition and getting them in calf …all significant in the milk or money producing part of a dairy farm business and/or focus on the $$$ side. ( Donna would be a good partner here)

I’ve had one personal experience with Ian’s health problem and how we as a family team solved that conatively with the help of Dr Ros Vallings…he was healed and back to work earning money and so much happier.

Dairy business health is part land, part debt/cashflow/equity, part cows and part people. It’s a system of systems that are all connected and if one is sick it makes the whole business ‘body’ sick.

Kolbe would be introduced in general terms like Martha Beck ..I like the idea of using man and woman super heroes rather than her lord of the ring analogy. Everyone is a superhero with superpowers and talents and strengths. I could get Anna Chrichton to draw me four for the book …actually five …the facilitator.

Four superheroes on a NZ dairy farm ( herringbonecowshed with backing gate in the background! ) FactFinder in Red, FollowThru in Blue, Implementor in Yellow and QuickStart in Green.

The cost of making one more unit of e-book would be the price charged by someone to have a server and a shopping cart that would enable it to be downloaded and paid for by a customer. Would I get charged per transaction or download or would it be a monthly charge like infusion soft.A book could be Samantha B. The e-book could be the first chapter of the real book? Write it from the cow’s perspective? I’m a cow and I’m proud of it?!!

I could look at how Samantha Bennett does hers. Her business model as described by the canvas. I downloaded a participant workbook off Robert Kyosaki’s website this morning too during his Real Estate Gold live event which was free.

From left to right this shows Implementors being dexterous with their tools, a Follow Through with a step wise process or system, risktaking QuickStarts, and a specialist detail orientated Fact Finder

o.k guess for my $350 product it will cost $50 to create each additional unit

A cow’s kit for dairy farmers! The product needs to be extra-ordinary and unique. I could get my customers or vendors/suppliers ( if B to B ) to fund it or pay for it in advance.

Find people who care less about $$ than I do. Could be B to B . It needs to be a financially sustainable business model. Maori Farm Trusts? ..they are spending their company/trusts money not their own!


  • How much is your monthly overhead, all the expenses that aren't included in the cost of making one more unit.

$1200 a guess

  • How many units are you going to sell every month?


Lets say 20 = 5/week

  • Now you know what the monthly profit is (IF you sell all you make, AND people pay on time).


So every month 20 at 350 = 7000

Expenses        cost /unit = 50 = 1000

Plus monthly overhead = 1200

Total 2200

So monthly profit 4800 ..if I sell all I make and people pay on time. Annual profit 57,600

Some questions, then:

  • What would happen to your numbers if you increase your retail price by 20%? 40% Lower it 10%?


If it cost 20% more = 420

At 20 per month = 8400 expenses still 2200 profit 6200

40% more = price of 490

At 20 per month = 9800 expenses still 2200 profit 7600

10% cheaper = price of 315

At 20 per month = 6300 expenses still 2200 profit 4100

  • What would you have to change about your business to get people to pay in advance? To subscribe? How much more could you charge if you gave them credit?


Pay in advance? a publisher paying a writer in advance for a book which you could then license. That sort of thing. Or advertisers paying for advertising space in or on the product you are making

They could subscribe to a club ( like SB’s ) which would mean monthly cashflow. Perhaps an upfront fee for 12 months with a satisfaction guarantee, full money back refund if they are not happy. This would mean they would get what?...a bunch of stuff

If I gave credit I could charge 10% more? Look at my credit card low rate ..interest I’m paying?

  • For the first six months of your business, what if you committed to being much smaller but only had clients that paid upfront? I would be selling fewer units and therefore less profit

But cashflow would be better so growth would be easier ..could spend more on advertising or product development or whatever.

I would be trading profit for cashflow initially.


This is about walking through a new door to the treasure chest waiting behind.

Positioning and finding my niche.


I’m in the business of new solutions/ product sets, ‘art’ , inventions, gadgets, tangibles (could be educational)eg. “My Energy Cup” To go with a product or video ( eg. how to demo or superhero in action)


With the outcomes of affirming people talent and strengths. So they become more satisfied, self fulfilled (for at least 80% of their time) as individuals and as teams. Life is easier , tasks done quicker. Use the rugby analogy eg. The Chiefs. How the halfback, lock and wing have different talents and if players are in the position best suited for them that the team scores more tries and penalty goals.


The end customer being the cows under their care. And the outcomes among many would be improved animal health and production and sustainability (years in the milking herd)


To find the ‘x’ and ‘y’ axes.

Ask dairy farmers “ if you bought a product set ‘A’ what things would you care about the most?

Or do these make sense?


Here are a few opposites that could be considered.


Expensive                                                                    Cheap

Measurable gains ( land,people,cows,biz)                    Hard to quantify the benefit

It works ..$$ saved or made                                      It doesn't work $$ saved or made

Holistic farm approach                                                Specific problems only

Written communication only                                       A/V, model communication

Fun                                                                              Serious and formal

Choice                                                                                     No choice

You are told what to do                                              Self discovery

8-5 5 days per week service                                         7 day 24hr service

Simple to use                                                               You need time to develop a knack

Freestuff and premium                                                Premium only ..little free stuff

Convenient and in my own time                                  Set and structured yearly program

People affirmed/feel good factor                                Animal focussed neutral feel factor

All over NZ and the world                                          Local Bay of Plenty

Strong online presence                                                Face to face only

List of 20 farmers to step

And competitors and other alternatives eg Gallagher, Peoplesmart ( DairyNZ), no8hr, the cow vets coach approach and Fegan & Co

 What  quadrant do I want to be in?

Fast/easy, free and premium, reliable, hands-on( or A/V) self discovery, people strength 'hero' products and tools. ....that focus on improving cow health, production and survival in the herd.Sharing stories and experiences in farmer groups as well as an online sharing community. Products to come with money back guarantee.

Will I be alone?


What do they ( farmers ) care about the most in a product/HR tool?

From my discussions with about 8 so far....seeing results, reliability, value for money, fast/easy , free and premium, self learning together with farm group workshops.




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