Skillshare Class



provides employment opportunity and creative community for select young freelancers.


Elevator pitch:

Expanding employment opportunities through creative collaboration.

Tailored creative solutions for select clientele.


Employing freelancers with gigs that give them full control of their product, while providing selective clients with professional products, and creative solutions at a democratic price range.


Problemà Solution


Currently, a freelancers ability to find creatively stimulating paid work is a difficult task. Likewise, clients looking for quality professional creative work often face the stalwarts of uninspired work, difficulty in understanding the breakdown of payments, and difficulty communicating with the creative team. In addition some clients find themselves using several different design outlets for each of their creative needs, finding the production process confusing and disorganized.


Studio 6.6 streamlines creative production from start to finish. Our team boasts a diverse set of skill sets, from promotion, customer interface and an array of creative knowledge. The design team benefits from our unique form of project management, allowing them to maintain a freelancer’s liberty with the support of an entire creative team and the authoritative voice of an agency.


  1. Competition 
  2. Need more knowelge in Intellectual property rights
  3. Starting off and getting paid


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