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Kelsey E.

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CORE Ministries

I began this project with listing the words, as the instructor suggested, that reflect this particular "client". Words like unity, solidity, and strength came to mind. I did some research on vintage-inspired logos and was particularly drawn to concepts with radial symmetry. I wanted to convey the idea that, as Christians, we are to be a "light unto the world". These two concepts, light and solidity, are what I decided to run with. I did create many other sketches, but this is really the only one that communicated the main concepts well. 


I first made a note that I had misspelled "ministries" - kind of an important detail. I also decided to remove "GBC" after the suggestion of the client, as the information "Grace Bible Church" wasn't necessarily pertinent to the logo, and it threw off the horizontal symmetry a bit more than I wanted. 

In the tracing stage, I used the pencil tool instead. I intend to use his method next time because that seems simpler.

Overall, I'm very happy with the turnout of this project. This class was really helpful in honing my process from start to finish.





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