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COOL "Creative Outlook On Life

C.O.O.L. which stands for Creative Outlook On Life is a lifestyle fashion company I have created that targets the trendsetters and the innovators of society. As a child I have always gone off the unbeaten path. I was always the one who did things differntly that the other kids in school and I never quite fit in to any of the cliques. Going to three high schools in 4 years it was kind of difficult to cope with other kids's inner circles, so I began to embrace being myself and focusing clearly on basketball whcih was my dream at the time. IN college I faced the same issue. I walked to my own beat and created my own path in college, which where C.O.O.L. was founded. I would never confrom to what people said I should be. I was always the kid who most people thought was being an asshole but I just didnt confrom to what was expected.  I felt like the people who are cool are the ones who are themselves eventhough society has this cage we are suppose to live in. COOL people dont conform. I have embraced being "cool"ever since. 

C.O.O.L. was inspired by the likes of Steve Jobs and the RIchard Bransons of the world becuase of their ablity and willingness not to conform. I always felt the rebel is always the best character. Its one of the reasons why I love hip-hop and its mentailty i have adopted and placed within the branding and creation of C.O.O.L. Hip Hop has a sense of rebelness to it with all of these people coming from the depths of where CNN and most major public media outles dub as being " a place where the odds are agasinat you". I, perosnally coming from those same depths I love the fact that hip hop gave indiuvuals like myself confidnece that you create your own odds and you DONT CONFORM! 


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