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COOL Clothing Company

Creating Our Own Lane Clothing Company is a lifestyle brand promoting creativity and indiviuality out of Kansas City, MO



The concept for this piece was to take a creative route. Sometimes you just have to step away from everything and do you, create your own lane. This was also my way of seperating myself from other local brands and designers. I wanted to start a brand but I didnt want it to be just screen printed shirts. I didnt want to do everything everybody else was doing. This was my first time expirmenting with dye sublimation.


Name: Our Lane

100% polyester

dye sublimation

sample piece : $39.95

cost of production: $17.45 each ( 40 )

Desgn was made in photoshop by me.

shirts were made by OneOffApparel.

This shirt was released January 2014. Struggling with sales at first, it became a top seller and favorite. 1st of 3 dye sublimated shirts from COOL Clothing Company.


Wearing my sample piece to local brand Made Urban Apparel's Fall '13 Launch. ( My first interview lol )


March 2014 I gave away 8 shirts at the Big XII Leadership Confrence at Iowa State University, during the young entrepreneur panel.

August 2015  the last shirt was sold at the brands pop-up store " The COOL"in Downtown Saint Joseph, MO.  Also sold a cut and sew piece from '14 Spring Collection "Triple C's"


Check out "Kill Them All", the first official winter collection. Inspired by the Israeli army officer Uziel Gal, designer and inventor of the Uzi. With 600 rounds per minute the uzi is built to kill and destroy anything in its way. Kill all bad vibes this Winter with this COOL collection!

Let me know what you think!


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