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I came up with a idiom-COOK THE BOOK and almost crafted a story around the same. The idiom implies falsify the financials. Hence the Illustration would be literary as cooking books.

My words for the proejct illustration that I cam up with as I wanted this to be quirky and fun representation of the Finance World which is not appreciated by all (especially by me) Lol!

- Chef's Cap

- Books

- Peppar

- Dollar Signs

- Knife

- Onion and Mushroom

- Pot 

With that in mind I came up with a Sketch as well... I am sorry I kind of started the coloring part


This is not the final piece as I am yet to work on color and textures and I am not sure there might be few additions as well to the final piece.

With some more tweaks here's my final piece, I avoided making this too busy as this revolves around Finance Related Topic and add too many details related to food or books might have given a wrong impression. Thereby the illustration is simple yet communicates the messge in effective manner (I hope this is effective). I am open to feedback as well even if that requires me to alter the complete look of the illustration. 

Appreciate Mikey took out time and shared his illustration expereince with us and infact made this so much easy to understand the world of Editorial Illustrations.





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