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CONTENT STRATEGY - Molly Michaels Surface Design

Content Strategy update.

My content strategy.

The short of it -

  • Tumblr and twitter posts mostly on the weekends.
  • Short and sweet posts with retweet request.
  • one personal post, one news post per day or week (what do you think)?
  • become a trusted source of news and information
  • engage in conversations with fellow surfce designers and industry professionals.
  • promote other people that inspire me within my industry.
  • create quality inbound links thru engaging in writing guest blogs (hopefully)
  • "ask me anything" posts/twitters - involves user. User feels distinguished and special.
  • add images to my collection page
  • add my (brand distinguishing) design to my tumblr/twiiter for continuity
  • add video to personalize my brand - allows user to see my inner world.
  • oh - most of all - create amazing content that is irresistible.

The long of it -

I would like to become a trusted source for news and information about the surface design and printmaking industry as well as being loved for my designs and silly ramblings.

I hope to add at least one personal post per week, and one 'news" post per week. Altho I'm finding Tumblr really suits me so I may post more because I'll get addicted. I will send each post via twitter too. I've never used twitter as I thought that it was a bit boring because I like to see images rather than text. From the resources provided by @NateCooper I can see the value in using twitter and how much exposure I would be missing out on by not using it! 

I will also post and twitter an 'ask me anything about surface design/printmaking' once per week as a way to find out what people are looking for when they think of surface design and printmaking. I'd like to put the focus onto the visitor and find out exactly what they are looking for when they come to me. I think this information will lead me to other ways of adding great content for my visitors.

I would like to interact on tumlbr/twitter with popular surface designers such as Michelle Fifas, Rachel Taylor,Pattern Base, Patternizer to become visible to peers that I wish to attract to my site.I will also promote and share those people and websites that inspire me. I would also like to be invited to write guest blogs for my peers.( I need to look into how to make this happen). This is a really exciting idea thank you Nate.

Going by the resourse article that Nate posted I will be posting and twittering mostly on the weekends : ) And also keep them short and sweet and request a retweet too.

I plan to add at least two designs to my 'the collection page' per week until I have a nice range of them for viewing and inspritation for my blog visitors.

When I have designed "the" design! I will use it for the background of my tumblr blog to really personalize the user experience during their visit. It will be a subtle immersion into my product. *loI. I'll also add this same design to my twitter background for continuity of my brand.

I'll add some video of me working on my designs, my daily routine - things like that to keep my visitors interested and to add a personal touch to my brand.

I will also engage in conversations with fellow surface designers and printmakers and industry professionals and do spotlight interviews with them once per mont to showcase their work and value within the surface design industry.

I'm finding Tumblr really easy to use!  Thanku Nate for introducing me to this fabulous world of tumblr and twitter!



Pages are now linked to the llinks under the title. yay. so easy!

Update 27 March

here is a link to my tumblr blog

I'm still figuring out how to link pages etc. will post some of my own posts later on today. Yay! I'm excited!! 

Twitter @mmprints 



I'm a printmaker and I've just finished the skillshare Fashion Illustration course. I would like to create a Tumblr blog to display my prints and illustrations. I've noticed that a lot of people in the creative industry use Tumblr as a platform for displaying their work.

I'm taking a Surface Design course in May to become a qualified surface designer. I'd like to learn how to use wordpress/tumblr so I can make a creative and inspring space where I can send potential clients to view my work.

I already have a website here  This site is new and is about home decor ideas. I'm building it slowly. I hope to one day be able to sell my own home decor products (mainly cushions and other soft furnishings) here.  Well that's the long term plan...

and also   This site is about my watercolour printmaking process and techniques.( It was built as the result of a recent skillshare course! )

Both of these sites require piles of behind the scenes coding work. I've been stumbling thru learning coding as I go and I think that when using wordpress or tumblr that most of that is taken care of because of the prebuilt templates??  It would be great to spend more time on designing rather than spending days *lol figuring out how to get things to work properly on my websites.

I would like my blog to be more image based and less words. I'm thinking Tumblr may be more suited for this purpose.

A big thanks to Nate for providing this Skillshare opportunity!

I look forward to seeing everyones ideas and projects : )


p.s. The name of my Tumblr blog will be Molly-Michaels Prints. I had two gorgeous puppies who are now in heaven and I wish to remember them always by naming my new business after them xxo. Mollly was a shitzu crossed with maltese and she had blue eyes and Michael was a bouncy miny foxy crossed with jack russell. They were best friends. I miss them sooooooo much.

anyway when my visitor lands on my tumblr page I would like them to be totally absorbed in my brands experience. I think colorful images and text quotes will be a nice way to start.

ok. I talk way too much. haha!


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