OK so my project title is not really unique at all but it most definitely is descriptive... I am the queen of health kicks (that last a month). I enjoy cooking, running and general activity, but I seem to slide when things at work/school get stressful or busy. So essentially my main goal is consistency. I do best when I have a specific goal or training plan. I also intend to set more realistic short term goals instead of a final end weight or dress size, for instance. 

My goals for this year:

1. I have signed up for a sprint triathlon in April. It will be my second. My goal is to beat my time on each individual leg (and consequently my total time). New personal best! I have to look up my times exactly but I do know there is plenty of room for improvement. 

2. To make better food choices when under stress (or not. Really just better food choices all around)

3.  Obligatory weight loss goal. I grave generally used the scale for this, and would like to see 10lbs fewer on said scale. That being said, I'll track weight but I also plan to begin measuring myself. I'd be happy with a stagnant weight if my arms were smaller/toned/less wobbly. I have no specific measurements in mind yet, since I don't know what my measurements are...

My plan for achieving said goals:

1. I am currently trying to work out 4-5 times a week. I do mostly cardio work as of now. This weekend I will  find a triathlon training plan. I also will research weight/resistance exercises to incorporate that are geared towards increasing performance in swimming, biking, or running. 

2. the key to this one for me is preparation. If I can make food ahead of time and plan my meals I think I will have a better chance of avoiding the burger line in the cafeteria at work. I can stay very healthy if I plan ahead but when I'm tired and didn't bring my lunch, my willpower plummets. So my measurable goal is to bring my lunch to work at least 5/6 days a week. I will plan/shop on Sundays. 

3. Hopefully the plan for goal #2 will help. My plan as of right now is to actually measure my waist, arms, and booty to figure out where I am now and what is a reasonable goal for me. I'll update when I figure that out...


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