COMPLETE- The Deep End

COMPLETE- The Deep End - student project

------------FINAL POSTER -  FEB 22 -------------

Drumroll....and here it is...the final Deep End poster.  That is, unless of course I decide to make a few adjustments after printing, which I always do. :)  For the final, I added more detail to the light, added some noise texture to the background/angler fish and I tightened up the little fish in the logo. I also hid my flame logo in the poster, DKNG-style.  :)  Hint: you might be able to find it in the light detail.

Thanks to DKNG for the inspiring class and for everyone's wonderful feedback. This was a really awesome experience.


COMPLETE- The Deep End - image 1 - student project

Light Detail:

COMPLETE- The Deep End - image 2 - student project

Logo Detail:

COMPLETE- The Deep End - image 3 - student project

------------------------------RESEARCH / INSPIRATION / PROGRESS-------------------------------

I'm going to build a poster for my brother in-law's band, The Deep acoustic rock band out of Brighton, MI.  

Here's how they describe themselves:

The Deep End has come to epitomize the process of musical maturation. Rooted in classic rock power and tone, the Deep End’s musical trajectory reflects an amalgamation of genres and styles that cannot be in total defined. Since 2006, The Deep End has toured the South Eastern Michigan music scene. Their collective music experience was forged during their early high school days in Brighton, Michigan.

And here's a sampling of their music:

I'm drawing stylistic inspiration (color, texture, shape, depth) from the likes of Dave Matthews, Phish, Umphrey's McGhee and Widespread Panic artwork...imaginative, playful, whimsical themes...mixed with a little edge.


COMPLETE- The Deep End - image 4 - student project

For my 1st idea, I'm exploring a pool concept. The Deep End logo would be tiled into the bottom of the pool, with a  young boy jumping off a diving board.  Wave and bubble imagery would border the piece. I need to work on perspective...and my figure... but you at least get the idea. This is the more playful of the 2 ideas.

COMPLETE- The Deep End - image 5 - student project

For my 2nd concept, I'm sticking with water, but exporing the  ocean. I want to create a funky, edgy anglerfish, made of varying patterns and/or records...with a vintage lantern for it's light. The Deep End logo would be a formed by a school of fish, being beckonded toward the light. This concept has a little more edge, and is more in line with what I'm looking to portray. 

COMPLETE- The Deep End - image 6 - student project

I started to explore this concept of creating The Deep End  logo out of fish...  Here's a peek at my progress.COMPLETE- The Deep End - image 7 - student project


I have the basic shapes in place, and a little texture. Trying to decide how to take this to the next level, or what I could tweak to really make it say "wow"!

COMPLETE- The Deep End - image 8 - student project


Something about the lighting and composition just wasn't working for me. I also removed a bunch of the fish from the logo, and made that a little more free flowing. And I adjusted their coloring, so the logo appears to be lighted from above, making if feel more like it's part of the composition.  Overall, this seems like a stronger layout, with the light and logo centered, the slight tilt of the light, and the anglerfish more recessed in the background.  Thoughts? Heading in the right direction?  I still want to add texture and maybe a few more details.

COMPLETE- The Deep End - image 9 - student project


I want the anglerfish to have more of an impact, but not compete with the logo for the focus. I think I'm liking this version the best...better composition, tension, balance. Thoughts?

COMPLETE- The Deep End - image 10 - student project

Any and all feedback is welcome. Thanks!