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COMPLETE: Bon Iver at the Mann Center (2012) Poster Design


OK, I think I am done by default because I have no more time to work on this. I had so much fun with this class--thanks, Dan and Nathan and everyone who helped me develop my concept and gave feedback!!!! I learned a lot and had a blast!! :)


Update: I fixed the skyline and added more textures. Can't figure out what to do about the text, and conveniently won't have much time to work on it this week, so maybe I'll just take a break and see what I come up with for Friday. Any final feedback would be appreciated!

I added some more textures, but I'm wondering if every element should have a texture. It didn't look right on the gold and it seems like it might be too much if the grass and snow and trees are textured. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know! 

Also, still struggling with adding an engraved look to text. Haven't been able to find anything too helpful through searching, so any advice on this would def be appreciated. 

P.S. Skyline has been updated so it's more accurate, but I'm not completely finished with it yet.

Thanks again for everyone's comments so far! It's been hugely helpful :)

2/21 (see below)

I'll start putting my most up-to-date versions at the top :) Here is what I've come up with so far. I decided I needed to add a warm color and I emphasized the line work even more and started to add some wood texture. I still have a lot of detail I want to add to each scene inside the hourglass, but I'm happy with where it's going now.

2/22 (see above)

Finally starting to feel almost finished. Still need to add/fix shadows, tweak skyline, add texture to gold, make text feel more integrated into design, make dirt/snow fall look more organic, add textures.



I chose to do a poster for Bon Iver, and decided to focus on the concept of time that's usually apparent in his music whether in a sad or simply reflective/thoughtful way. Here are some initial concepts that I realized were too distracting to capture the right vibe: 


Simplified version:


Mood photos:


Keeping everyone's suggestions in mind, I've simplified the concept so the entire scene exists inside the hourglass. The scene sketches are VERY rough right now and I'm still brainstorming about what specifically should go in the top nature landscape, but I like where it's going now! Taking DKNG's suggestion to make the hourglass the focal point allowed me to incorporate the show info text into the design. Here's where I am so far:

I'm thinking something like this for color:


I decided to stick with the architecture theme for the top half of the hourglass and was inspired by the art for the latest album. The placement of everything might change a bit, but I started to create in Illustrator, and this should be interesting because I don't have much formal training in digital illustration. I'm excited to learn though:

(Dimensions will be 11 x 17)


I'm continuing to work on my file in Illustrator and wondering if it's moving in the right direction. I don't have a lot of experience with Illustrator (but I really want to learn, which is why I'm stepping out of my comfort zone with this class), so it's difficult to get my pencil drawing style to translate in the same way on the computer. I'm still trying to play around with everything and experiment and see where it takes me, and hopefully textures will help make everything more realistic. Any feedback would be MUCH appreciated! 


Here are some examples of the style I'm picturing. Imperfect lines, a little rough around the edges, a sort of elegant grunginess but overall simplicity. I'm thinking I should remove black from the color palette:

I now have sort of a solid rough draft in Illustrator and am going to work on tweaking the style, emphasizing the text, refining the illustration, and playing with colors to get the right look:


Still brainstorming ideas to decide which direction to move in with what I have, and feeling a little bit stuck. It may just be a matter of coming up with a couple of different versions and making edits and combining different elements from each. I've been looking at this for so long though that I would love to hear any suggestions or general feedback :)


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