[COMPLETE] 180 Days of Drawing Portraits

[COMPLETE] 180 Days of Drawing Portraits - student project

(SkillShare has been giving me problems with submitting this project, so I kept it hidden until I can edit it.)

MY PROJECT: 180 Days of drawing portraits

SCHEDULE: Tues-Sat (5 days a week)

DAILY DELIVERABLE: One full portrait a week


  • Tues: pick a character to draw (from a list of characters provided by my Tumblr followers) and make 5 sketches of that character, or characters
  • Wed: pick my favorite sketch and refine it
  • Thurs: add flat colors or paint values (depending on the style I want to use)
  • Fri: Fully color the portrait
  • Sat: tweak and refine

EDIT: Curriculum has changed since Day 46. I will be sketching out 4 characters on Tuesday and I will draw each character per day within the following days.

ACCOUNTABILITY: I plan on posting my progress each day on my Tumblr blog using the tag "180 Days". I have also asked my followers to suggest characters that I should draw each week.

WHY I AM DOING THIS: I'm doing this because I'm unhappy with my current art style and keep reverting back to it whenever I try something else. I want to develop a style I'll be happy with without reverting to my old style.

HOW WILL I CELEBRATE: After completing a portrait, I will congratulate myself by playing one of my favorite video games. At the end of the 180 Days, though, I will post an image with all the completed portraits just to see how much my style has changed.