"COFFEE ROCK" | Skillshare Projects




    Coffee Rock uses a rock on top on ones coffee mug to keep the contents warm while one is getting ready for work or having a bath or watching T.V. between sips.  It has a dual purpose to keep the liquid warm and to prevent anything falling into it like hairspray particles, dust, etc.  It is whimsical art which will make you feel happy as an added bonus. On top of the rock are cast sterling silver items or animals to signify your type of drink.  A penguin goes with a rock to signify ICE COFFEE.  A cow is for milk , hot chocolate, chocolate milk or even a milkshake.  A fire hydrant or dragon for hot coffee or tea. A scuba diver for water.  A chicken for egg nog.  An owl for a nightcap and  a black sheep for liquor/spirits.  Perhaps a crab for a tropical drink or coconut milk.

     I have been making jewelry and small metal sculptures for almost 30 years.  The idea came from a river rock I would use to keep my coffee warm while I do a bit of exercise and get ready for work in the early mornings ( about 2 a.m. somedays).  I didn't want my coffee to get cold while I had a shower, did some exercise or was just trying to get ready for work.  I didn't want hairspray particles to get in either and I am sure this helped that from happening. So, I would use a river rock on top of my mug.  I wanted to make this rock important because I liked it so much so I decided to use it in one of my sculptures.  The sculpture is still in the works and will include some cast silver pieces ( cavemen, the "wheel" and a lot of whimsy).  It will probably  be titled "Hitting Rock Bottom".  This is a place that many of us have been but I know if you can find humor in many things it helps! I am in a metals class at the college and while explaining my idea during our critique time it was well received.  This made me think that I should try to put my "HAPPY ROCK" out into the world.  Nothing is set in "stone" but this is a start...


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