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CMYK Sundae

I spent 6 years of my life working at a dairy Dairy Queen during my high school and college days and I absolutely LOVED it. I realize that most teenagers spend their time working at jobs they despise, but I really did love serving up delicious ice cream to excited children (and children at heart).

Every day we were allowed to bring home one free ice cream treat of our choosing. Not one time in 6 years did I leave without ice cream in hand (luckily for me, I was standing for 13 hour shifts so I didn't end up the size of a small moon haha). Needles to say, I love ice cream.

That being said, it should come as no surprise that while I was looking through some old sketches/sketchbooks and I came across several sketches of ice cream, including this cute little sketch of a banana split. Though certainly not my favorite sundae (long live the turtle sundae!), I really liked the look of this silly sundae and decided to bring it to life for this project as a way to brush up on my pen tool skills.


Since the typical banana split toppings are necessarily my favorite (I just can't get down with pineapple on my ice cream, sorry), I decided to have a little fun and mix up the colors. Of course, as a graphic designer who is primarily focused on print design, the colors choice seemed obvious, and the CMYK sundae was born. Delicious!


I really like the dark metal used in Jon's pins, and I envision the black portions of the pin being that same darker metal (unless someone has some better tips). I'm new to this whole pin-design business but I've been collecting them for a while now, and I'm excited to learn more from others who have more experience in this domain :)


After Jon made some suggestions, I've tweaked the sundae a bit, but I'm not sure which version I like the best. Any feedback or insight would be appreciated!



After spending some time away from the designs, I've decided that I like option number 4 the best. It feels much more balanced and avoids the awkward look of those pesky outlined sprinkles.


Thanks for checking out my project! I can't wait to see what everyone else puts together! For more examples of my work, check out my website or feel free to follow along on Instagram!


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