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CMND-Z Art Apparel

Name: Lindsey Mickelson

Location: Santa Barbara CA

Brand Name: CMND-Z Art Apparel

CMND-Z (Command-Z) is a computer command on a MAC keyboard which means "to undo or go back." CMND-Z is a hand printed graphic t-shirt brand that goes back to art and the pure passion for creating.  We have our own screen printing shop and design studio where we design and print all of our garments.  We print positive messages and intriguing fine art drawings and paintings onto our carefully designed super soft comfortable tops.  We eat, sleep, breathe, and dream CMND-Z everyday.  Every move we make is for our art.  The designs on the clothes come from my sketchbook and my paintings.  Our clothes are hand printed by the artists- there is no machine or computer printing CMND-Z.  We go back to art and we pull the squeegee and we feel the ink underneath it and we produce crisp clean lines onto the fabric.  It is incredible, the process.  The soul of CMND-Z Art Apparel

I paint, I create, I prosper.  I put my artwork on clothing in hopes that the world will see my creations. 


"CMND-Z : Go Back To Art"

"Wear Art, Wear CMND-Z"


The compass is the CMND-Z icon, which guides us back to art and alllows us to always know where  we are going.  

The Process:

My screen prints are usually based on my paintings. I take a photo of the painting, scan it in to the computer, and from there, I make the tshirt graphics. I had to teach myself how to do this process in photoshop and illustrator.   At the time, I understood a brush and paint or a spray can, but I had no idea how to turn those organic hand made forms into screen printable graphics.  And I didn't like the idea of digital printing, there is no art in that.  But to work with ink, and pull the squeegee and to see the art come to life on a shirt through screen printing, with the most beautiful crsp lines you will ever see- now that is ART.

A couple years ago, after a year or so of outsourcing printing, I started investing in my own print shop so that I could take on in-house manufacturing.  I bought my first 6 color 4 station press with an 8 foot long conveyor dryer and a flash and I taught myself how to print multiple colors on that press.  It was soooo gnarly and it was the biggest learning curve.  I took my printing skills from using a table top press in college (I have a degree in art studio from University of California Santa Barbara) to a commecial grade heavy duty operation.  I lived in that first shop, with no shower, and it was hard, yet so romantic.  Artist living in the artist's studio.  I printed everything myself until I hired my first employee to relieve me of printing so I could run the business side.  I now have a commercial screen printing business also, in which we print for other clothing brands, musicians, non-profits, and organizations.  

The Society Headquarters rests by the beach in Santa Barbara, CA.  I own and operate the screen printing shop, art gallery and showroom where the CMND-Z brand is created.

the cmnd-z woman:  entrepreuner, fashionista, traveler, festival road warrior, hooper, dancer, mermaid, artist, dreamer, mover and a shaker, bad ass, leader, kick ass prowess

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CMND-Z graphics start as paintings and drawings, transform into computer graphics, and then get printed on super soft comfortable yet sexy tees for women.  Check out the original CMND-Z beginnings  in this video:

Product Description:

After seeing the graphic tees in the market that were constantly using insulting negative messages or degrading images, I decided I wanted to change the messages that people are wearing across their chests.  I incorporates science, female empowerment, leadership, ancient spiritual practices, their mythology, and progressive ideas into the over all theme of the brand. 

I have built a modern screen printing shop in the art district of Santa Barbara.  This in-house manufacturing allows my small company to act quickly, keep printing and sampling costs low, to have high quality control on print runs, and to have the ability to host printing flash sales on the website.

CMND-Z makes comfortable graphic tops made out of super soft viscose fabric.  The garment styles fit a wide range of body types so that there is a perfect tee for each individual.  


Last year’s graphic tee collection was based on the Ancient Mayan Calendar and its prophecy that the World was going to come to an end in Dec of 2012.  All the artwork in this collection was inspired by Mayan folklore and Shaman spiritual teachings.  It also centers its focus on the Goddess and the Rise of the Feminine Power which is explained in the original ancient mayan prophecies.  All CMND-Z garments are American made and hand printed in the CMND-Z print shop.



Our Hand Printed Graphic Tees of 2012. The rest can be seen on the website here: 

Our 2012 Summer Campaign shoot in Big Sur CA:

Our 2013 Summer Campaign Shoot at Knapp's Castle

The video from our S2013 campaign shoot:


Last year we produced our first major fashion show with Amercian Riviera Magazine.  We created 60 looks under the CMND-Z label.  I teamed up with local fashion design student Wesly Johnson, and together we created cut and sew mini skirts, maxi skirts, hot shorts, and dresses that we paired with the graphic tees.  My future goal is to expand the line from just graphic tees to a full women's wear line starting with the pieces we made for the fashion show.  I am excited to grow our sales and to grow our fan base.  And to keep creating Amercian made hand printed art apparel that people love and wear.

Fall/Winter 2013  "THE YEAR OF THE SERPENT"

Style options and Color pallette:

styles: razorback tank, crop tank, spandex crop halter, boyfriend shirt, crop tee, fleece, hoody

shirt colors:  black, whie, concrete

Ink colors:  black, white, neon tangerine, turquoise

My inspiration for the upcoming t-shirt line is centered around the serpent and stories of its upbringing and powers.  The artwork and the design specs for the new collection are below.  We are also teaming up with DJ Seven Lions to produce his merch shirts with my artwork on it.  That work can be seen below as well. 

This skillshare project has opened my eyes to a community of major like minded designers and dreamers.  Creating this next collection to finish the skillshare project has been different for me now than past seasons.  I'm more inspired than ever and I feel like the knowledge I have now will assist me in making all my future decisions on branding, business, and design.  Thanks Jeff Staples and skillshare community for helping me to become better than I ever have been as an artist and busness owner.

Love, Lindz


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