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CM Monogram

I decided to draw two letters that are close to myself and my family: C and M. Why those two? These two are the first initials of my family's names: myself (Chris) and my two sons (CJ and Cameron) and my wife (Monique) and daughter (Madilynn). All boys with the letter C, all girls with the letter M. Yeah, we thought that would be unique as well :P

I actually wanted to add another letter to this (H, the last name initial) but figured I'd try it with just those two for now and see how it goes.

1. Inspiration

Letter C:


Letter M:


Photo Hunt:


UPDATED 8/12/2015

2. Ideation

After my computer was unfortunately corrupted and I had to reboot it from the beginning (UGH!) I did some sketching to try and catch up with the class. First up, I did some sketches based on my photo hunt:


Afterwards I went ahead and drew some ideas for my monogram. I wanted to stray away from blackletter and fancy lettering, so it was mostly sans serif block letters for me, with a couple of serif letters. There's a couple of circular ones I drew, which more than likely will be my focus from here on out unless I get some out-of-the-blue inspiration:



3. Execution

I drew some more sketches that were more or less circuar to what I wanted to go with:


I decided to go with a combination of two: the C on the lower right corner and the M on the lower left. From there I went to Illustrator and did my thing. I changed the M a bit since the curve didn't fit my taste, so I switched it up and added a little something. The outcome looked better than I though it would be. I'm still going to put some tweaks in it here and there but for now it looks good to me!


I really enjoyed this class, it was good to see how monograms worked and to make one myself. Feedback's welcomed and greatly encouraged!


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