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CLEO • STEM design



  • Who is the client and what is their current situation?

Cleo Stem is a Design Startup, run by Rocio Fatas, who is a web designer/development freelancer and artist, with a background in humanities. Her current image doesn’t reflect who she is or why her work matters.


  • What are you trying to accomplish?

Create a strong and powerful brand identity that reflects her ideals and principles powerfully and helps her build her business brand and target her market audience effectively.

Target Audience

  • Who are your client’s ideal customers?

Software or hardware companies, advertising agencies, small companies, UX employers, charities. Anyone who may need a design built with care and inspired by Nature.


  • What is your client trying to say?

Humans are wired by Nature. Our pleasurable experience is shaped by Nature. Cleo Stem natural  design will bring a touch of nature in the interaction with devices, product designs, and workshops.


  • Who are your client’s biggest competitors?


Distinguishing Characteristics

  • What makes your client unique?

She wants a world where interaction with technology is smoother and more pleasurable

She believes in a brighter future

She is highly driven by ethics

She bases her work on Nature

Creative Considerations

  • Does the client have any specific directives that should apply to the work?

Shapes and colours are inspired by Nature.


Sophisticated Simplicity

Tone or Key Words

  • What personality does the client want to project to their audience?

1. Forward thinking

2. Respectful

3. Nature based

4. Ethical

5. Intelligent

6. Light

7. Design that matters


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