CLEAR&CHIC - No more skeletons in your closet

Hey Kickstarter! I'm here to launch the Clear&Chic handbags


Two summers ago, I decided to step out of my comfort zone andaccept a position at a retail store. With my background in computer graphics, my line of work usually involved sitting in front of the computer, upon hours and hours throughout the whole day.


So I decided to take a summer job in one of the major retail stores, and I loved the whole experience. I loved helping people find what they were looking for. It was simple, and it was simplicity that gave me the most joy and the greatest idea.

I loved the experience a lot, but I struggled to find the perfect “mandatory” bag. (Note: Most retail stores require employees to use a clear bag for security reasons). The free clear bag that was provided wasn’t fashion friendly; and I wasn’t too proud to wear it.  Along with my personal experience in finding the “right” work bag, it was a daunting task.

Some of the bags I found were either poorly made or normally used for storing cosmetics or toiletries.  There are available brand name clear handbags out there: brands like Kate Spade, Tory Burch, even Louis Vuitton, but even those can cost more than usual.

With Clear&Chic handbags, I bring in better quality clear bags, with various colors to choose from - at an affordable price. The best part is, you have the option to personalize your own handbag!

Clear&Chic handbags can turn heads, because of its fun style and unique approach to daily wear. The handbags feature soft faux leather handle with PVC materials.  My main goal is to offer several varieties of designs, combined with spectacular color combinations.

Materials 2

If Clear&Chic gets funded, the featured satchel bag will be a part of the “classic” signature line. Giving the backers an opportunity to have their very first one.  With my design experience, paired with my fashion sense, Clear&Chic will have various styles and designs to choose from in the future.



I've sourced a leading manufacturer of handbags which are individually hand assembled to the exact design specification.  But Kickstarter, this is where you come in!  I need your help to get these handbag to full scale production. In order to produce different colors and handbags for a cheaper price, the factory would need high volume of materials.If we can reach our goal at a timely manner, assuming for zero delays, I will be ready to ship this out by May, a perfect timing for the upcoming Spring.

The need to find a cute and fashionable, and affordable clear bags are almost close to impossible.
As a reward for your pledge, you will receive the first production of Clear&Chic handbags. 

Why use clear bags?  I can think of several number for reasons:

1) Ever find yourself digging through your bag for that specific item that your looking for? Half the time, you turn your bag inside out looking for it, whether its your key, chapstick, or change. (Guilty)

2) Some jobs require you to have clear bag, for security reasons.

3) Aren't you just slightly curious what's in peoples bag? Get one for yourself and your friend, and find out! Tee-hee.

Okay let's get serious:

4) As of September 2012, some school districts in Maryland, requires their student to have clear bags to school.

5) Wouldn't it be easier traveling through security checkpoints like the airport, the mall, or even that Friday night club you always go to! 

6) You can customized your own bag! Think of the possibilities.

7) You can show off your goodies inside your bag. Just not too much.


Finally! because it's hot and a must have!


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