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CITYKIDS™ has more meaning than the literal meaning. We chose CITYKIDS™ because the clothes is intended for those who won't stop growing at anything they do. In a sense the name is a verb. City is used the describe unstoppable growth and kids is used to describe youthfulness and the will to keep maturing.

What is CITYKIDS™?

Obviously CITYKIDS™ is a clothing brand, but we live by a code to never stop growing. The longtermm goal is to go further than just being a brand. CITYKIDS™ is a lifestyle, its for those who intend on succeeding in life and doing more than what they thought they could. Not only would we like to tap into other businesses like shoes, bags, art tools, deorderant,, etc. We would like to create a CITYKIDS™ Empire, we would like to give back to our communities and make an impact on peoples lives, whether its donating clothes and food to the needy or starting a scholarship fund for those who arent so fortunate to afford college but want to gain more knowledge.

The brand is also a medium for me and my team to share our love for art, our love for our city, our experiences that is relatable to others while making some awesome looking product.

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