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Cim Academy is the Chartered Institute of Marketings online academy. It offers all the courses needed to become a chartered marketer.

The syllabuses have been updated to make more bite sized courses for busy professionals and ideally the online academy should be updated to reflect that and allow downloading content for busy professionals to watch in transit and around their lives.


Young busy professionals. They are either in their first marketing job or they are looking for a career change. recent graduates looking for work. They are busy and need to app to fit around their life. Content needs to be split into sections and reminders to return regularly as well as other motivational devices fit in. 
Intrinsic motivators include: community, autonomy, mastery, meaning. i.e. their work should be personal, sharable, show instant results they are improving and allow them to make choices about the way they learn.


The goal is for CIM to be more accessable for new people getting into marketing. Idealy identify their level and skills gaps early and teach them what they need to book onto an exam. The exams can be booked at many study centres around the world and so these should be searchable on compleation of each module and alerts should be given to remind people to return to the app and continue learning.

Full list of goals:

  • Help identify students level to begin with
  • Help them book a diagnostic test (needs to be sat at study centre to alow students to take more advanced exams)
  • split content into small chunks
  • set alerts to remind user to return for next chunk of learning.
  • downloadable learning for use of line / on transport
  • test exams
  • study centre search / booking. 
  • discussion /forum area
  • gamification devices to keep motivated
  • allow users to add info to link any scenarios to their own lives
  • allow users to make decisions about how they learn.
  • include regular knowledge checks and various default slides (video, images, quiz, scenario, branching scenario)


I use dribbble a lot! These are some of the app designs I found inspiring

  • bold contrasting colours
  • clean easy to read fonts
  • single purpose pages
  • large abstact images (photos and vectors)
  • very subtle use of gradients
  • unexpected and interesting animations / interactions


I've taken the list of goals and converted them into pages. Below is the flow of how I invision them fitting together. So I can begin to wireframe each individual screen. I've numbered them for reference and written a few notes on the functionality


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