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Ashley Puma

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CIBO (Chee-bow)

Cibo literally means "food" in italian. I'm startng a blog with my best friend about eating clean for your body, mind and soul. Eating clean for us means - no processed foods, no refined sugar, and no wheat.

People who eat well, live well. They are more connected with their bodies and minds. We'll be sharing recipes, industry knowledge and how to eat out, avoiding unhealthy options, but still have a good time. This isn't a diet, it's a holistic approach and a lifestyle (or little life hacks) to wash away any ailments and negativity you may have, in order to lead a fuller and - happier - life. 

Secondly, we aim to help others with body image issues by teaching ways of eating, exercising and living a healthier life so that you may become, and really see how beautiful and unique you are.

You only get one body and one life. Why not speand the time, money and energy making it the best that you can?


1. To become a thought leader on the subject

2. Want to share my knowledge on the subject matter to others

3. Practice writing, blogging and content planning

4. Express my ideas and thoughts

5. A creative outlet

6. Establish a brand presence and hopefully an e-commerce site to follow


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