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Connecting to my purpose...





Hello! My name is Brittany. I'm a fellow creative currently building a Branding & Design business. When people ask, I tell them that I serve as a Creative Consultant. I've found that I have this ability to look at businesses, projects, events, etc. from the the outside in, and instantly know how to improve on what they've already built from a creative standpoint.

I've grown to have a passion for creative consulting and with Skillshare I plan to learn all that I can in order to serve my clients in the best ways possible. The plan is... to turn this passion of mine into a legitimate, full time profession. Any feedback or constructive criticism is welcomed. I'm just here to get better.

Note: My project is a little out of order. I had a lot of thoughts regarding my brand name and mission statement that I didn't want to lose, so I completed it prior to the brand questionaire. 



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Customer 1: Anthony is a 22 year old college grad ready to turn the necktie brand he started in school into a legitimate business. His brand was really popular with the students at his school, but now that he's ready to make it available to the masses, he wants to make sure that it's done in the best way possible.

Customer 2: Malik is a 29 year old tattoo and visual artist getting ready to put on his first solo art exhibition. He already has an event space but wants some help with things he can do to turn his exhibition into an experience instead of just your typical art show.

Customer 3: Kimya is a 32 year old bride to be who needs someone to design the stationery for her wedding. Because she is not the bride looking for the typical fru fru, cursive and flowers, it's been a challenge for her to get what she wants. She needs someone who can bring her simple and clean vision to life.


CHOIX DESIGN | Being ourselves for the betterment of others

Let me explain...

The Name: Ten years ago I came up with the name Choice for a premium wear clothing company I created, but I wasn't in love with the word visually. I went to a language translator site and looked at how the word was spelled in other languages and the French version resonated with me the most. From then my company name was born, Choix LLC. Today I am far from my aspirations of becoming a premium fashion wear designer, however I still carry that passion for creativity. The name/word Choice/Choix still represents who I am (who we all are for that matter) and what my company stands for. I recently added the word Design to my company name because it serves as an identifier to what we do. Choix on it's own wasn't enough.

The Mission: So the first part of our mission statement is "Being ourselves." Anyone who's going to be a part of the Choix Design team MUST be 100% comfortable with who they are. It is imperative that ALL representatives of my company are this way because being ok with who you ACTUALLY are guarantees that you are or are on your way to becoming the BEST version of yourself.

The second part of the mission "for the betterment of others" represents where the client comes into play. A little while ago I saw a video of Jim Carrey giving a commencement speech where he said, "The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is." From his statement I got this: With whatever we do, personally or professionally, we should always work to help and have a positive impact on others. As long as we do this, the outcome we're ultimately looking to achieve is inevitable.

So in so many words... I believe that when you're 100% comfortable and confident in who you are, it guarantees your ability to bring that out in others. This is our mission.







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