CHIRP Radio | Skillshare Projects

Danielle Riley

Graphic designer





For this color exercise I chose an existing project. This was an illustration I did for CHIRP Radio, a Chicago non-profit station. It was for their annual fundrasier & was printed on shirts & posters. I gave them a few color options & they went with the always-safe Chicago colors. 



Color has always been a big obstacle for me. I usually end up randomly using the eye dropper in the color panel hoping to land on something good. I don't find sites like Kuler too helpful for me, so the best way I'd found to get really good colors was to use the eye dropper on pictures of nature. Probably one of the more inefficient ways of making color choices.

Using all the color harmonies, I made 9 palettes. A couple are slight variations of the same hues. To make the most out of the harmonies, I added a fourth color to the illustration.

I knew this class would be helpful, but I'm kind of astounded by the range of colors I was able to get. Adding the fourth color made a huge difference, too. I think 5, 7 & 9 are the most successful.


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