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Holly S

Illustrator and eater of bread




For my project I've chosen an image I had saved from earlier in 2014 - when I was researching propaganda of the First World War, to help with promoting a WW1 centenary themed concert my choir was doing.

This isn't exactly a concert poster, though.

I loved the bold layout of this poster, with the epic chicken taking up nearly all the space! It also seemed like something that would be very simple to recreate in Illustrator (which I've had for a couple of years now but never really learned to use).

So far it's going well, and I'm using a variety of techniques from the course.

I'm taking as many shortcuts as I can with the text, short of just typing it in - pretty sure none of the fonts I have are an exact match for the ones on the poster, and I want it to look as close to the original as possible. For the italic text I'm just using lines and adjusting the stroke width; for the bold text I'm constructing it from rectangles. We'll see how that goes.

The signature was fun, as I discovered Illustrator will detect the pressure from my tablet stylus and vary the stroke width automatically as I draw. So I just traced over it, pressing harder on the bolder lines.

The shading on the chicken's foot was NOT FUN as I decided to draw a blob, and erase the bits I didn't want. It took ages and I think just drawing the lines on, as I did with the signature, would have been a lot quicker.

I used to draw with vectors a lot before I got my graphics tablet 10 years ago - in MS Word, using a mouse. It looked less terrible than you might imagine from that description!! But anyway, I'm looking forward to getting back into it. I've enjoyed watching the videos and had a number of 'Aha!' moments.

I'll update this project as I progress with my chicken :)

~ Holly


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