CHARACTER STUDY - student project

Name: Sara

Description: -Has red hair

                       -Has freckles

                       -Has a pointed nose

                       -Has blue eyes

Personality traits: -Loves using her phone

                                -She is introverted

                               -She is very creative and crafty

                              -Is very timid

                              -Doesn't love reading

                              -Loves doing homework

Background:        -Grew up in Georgia with her mom and dad

                              -Lost her dad in a plane crash

                              -Moved to Atlanta with her mom after her father died

                               -Bullied a lot

Flaws:                    -Lets people bully her

                               -Since she is introverted, she doesn't have any friends

                               -She uses her emotions rather than logic.

Internal conflict:   -Fears that she will never make it to college

                                 -She is not confident about her looks.