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I hand carved a rubber stamp and then printed with black ink on white card and then edited in Photoshop. The words are my own with a little help from one of my blog followers who thought memories would be better than happiness which I had put and I tend to agree.

Bit of experimenting with my vintage letterpress letters.

Trying it using Times New Roman.


I wanted to try out a different way to display this quote and have seen this tutorial online and I was wondering how hard it would be to do this so I gave it a go.  As you can see, it still needs work but a fun way to display a quote or saying.  Mixed media canvas, cutting out the letters from a sticker sheet, sticking on top on a canvas that I had stuck newspaper all over and then spray painting and removing the sticker letters which was the tricky bit.

With a newsprint background.


I've had a bit more of a play and changed it around again, this time in Illustrator.

Not liking the EVER on the one above and I feel like it's too many styles - I have a desire to simplify this? Thoughts?

Some more sketches, just trying out different hand drawn fonts and layout etc.  Still in draft form, ran out of room on the paper to finish this saying!


 Here are some draft sketches of the quote/saying for the final project.  Very rough drafts, my sketching needs lots of work but it is fun to get back to pen and paper!


This is a work in progress, using vector images, just having fun with it!


My initials created by some bunting I have made and a zip! I was trying to do shadow letters but I figured you need more than one for that!

Kerning example using Myriad Pro font

10 Words - 10 Types above







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